Waikiki Gloom 12.18.15

Waikiki Gloom 12.18.15

Well it’s rainy and crazy windy here in Hawaii. 20-30 mph with 45 mph gusts this weekend! Surf was flat in Waikiki, maybe ankle high on the sets so you’re better off doing your Christmas shopping this weekend. Don’t forget, there’s only 7 days till Xmas!

_MG_2128Waikiki was a lake today!

Don’t let these photos fool you. It’s crazy windy. The large hotels block most of the winds here.

The pathway to the iconic Kapahulu Groin.

There’s a surf spot directly in front of the wall called…yeah you guessed it…”Walls”. All the kids learn how to boogie board there.

They’re having way too much fun. Nice to be on vacay.

The Kapahulu end of Waikiki Beach.

Another beautiful sunset in Waikiki.

These sailboats go out for a sunset sail every Friday.

Dunno how these kids weren’t freezing. It’s cold by Hawaii standards. Somewhere in the mid 70’s at sunset!

Happy Aloha Friday.