Sandbar 12.13.15

Sandbar 12.13.15

Well the Pipe Masters is off for a few days but a nice sandbar has formed at Ehukai and to the left of Off the Wall. It’s nothing like it was a few days ago when it was 10ft but waves are small now (bout 2-3ft Hawaiian) and super fun. Oh by the way, the beach is packed! Every kid and their family is out there, along with all the pros living at their sponsor’s house on the beach. It’s a zoo, but the waves are fun! Aloha.

_MG_1663The pros surf so good and make it look so easy.

_MG_1629Get off our phone and stop working! You’re on vacay!

_MG_0100The judges tower for the Pipe Masters
_MG_1652Everyone does airs these days. Even guys on WaveStorms.

_MG_1668Sun’s out, buns out.
_MG_1748 copyExperimenting

_MG_1803Josh Kerr lackadaisical air. He can do these in his sleep. Off the Wall.

_MG_1805Now that’s how you use your rail.
_MG_1893-3Eric Geiselman and his throwback single fin.

_MG_1887 copyGlad his brother Evan is ok after near nearly drowning at Pipe last week.

_MG_1897Did I mention the beach is packed?

_MG_1904Look how far the sandbar extends.

_MG_1913-2Erick Geiselman rips with only 1 fin. Prolly surfs better than you with no fins.

_MG_1834Sunsets are always amazing on the North Shore.