About Salty Glass Co.

Neal Kido Photography

About Salty Glass Co.:
Salty Glass Co. shares the beauty and power of water captured through a salt-stained lens. Whether you live in Houston, Huntington Beach, Hokkaido or Havana, Salty Glass instantly transports you to salty and glassy shores.

Based in Honolulu, Salty Glass shares the images of Hawaii-born, self-taught photographer Neal Kido. Neal is dedicated to capturing the beauty and detail of the ocean, no matter what it takes.

About Neal Kido:
As a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, Neal has become an expert at helping people find what they’re looking for online. So in the water it’s not surprising that he spends his time searching for the perfect shot – and sharing those images with others.

Since 2012, Neal has been riding the wave of underwater photography, pushing his own boundaries to capture the ocean’s raw beauty and powerful emotion. A self-taught photographer, Neal’s photos are the result of his own online search for photography tips and information. He turned his love for the ocean into a passion for capturing nature’s raw emotion. Today, Salty Glass photos are a mirror of his personality and his work – technical and intricate. His technique evolves along with his unique perspective, creating emotional compositions.